Unleashing the Value of Your Contingent Workforce with Geoff Dubiski

April 18, 2023

What you really want is a VOICE at the strategic table, not just a SEAT


In this session of “Contingent Workforce Radio,” Erika Novak, VP of executive management at Beeline, talks with Geoff Dubiski, global talent acquisition leader for contingent workforce strategy at Intuitive, a global leader in precise, minimally invasive surgical technology.

In the podcast, Geoff, who has worked on all sides of the contingent workforce industry - MSP, VOP, RPO, consultant, and corporate CW program strategies - shares his insights on elevating the strategic value of your contingent workforce program.

Topics Erika & Geoff discuss include

  • Why "better", not "bigger", is the right extended workforce philosophy 
  • Why time-to-fill is the "best worst metric" for a contingent workforce program 
  • Why contingent workforce programs should really be measuring instead of just shorter time-to-fill