Developing Supplier Relationships with Erika Novak & Michael Beckwith

June 20, 2023

Get outside the VMS scorecard and grow mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

In this episode of “Contingent Workforce Radio,” Erika Novak, VP of executive management at Beeline, talks with Michael Beckwith, category manager for staff augmentation at Xcel Energy, a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company. 

Michael has worked in the staffing and contingent labor industry for over a decade. In the podcast, he talks about how to develop and nurture relationships with internal and external stakeholders to strengthen your contingent workforce program. 

Topics Erika and Michael discuss include: 

  • Why you should work to understand your suppliers’ and MSPs’ goals, not just your own 
  • How a “growth mindset” can help you quantify and qualify the health of your relationships 
  • What happens when you dedicate more of your time to your highest volume stakeholders and highest volume suppliers