When Plans Fail: Lessons Learned with Erika Novak & Lou Holcomb

May 16, 2023

The way you respond matters. Spin those uncomfortable moments into something that builds value for your program.

In this session of "Contingent Workforce Radio", Erika Novak, VP of Executive Management at Beeline, talks with Lou Holcomb, senior manager of global talent operations and programs at UKG, a global provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions. In the podcast, Lou, who has more than a dozen years in the HR and contingent workforce industries, shares a real-world example of what happens "when things don't go according to plan". 

Lou and Erika discuss: 

  • How a well planned light industrial staffing program fell apart on its first day in operation 
  • What Lou and her team did to rescue the program from the brink of disaster 
  • Why barely meeting the target by deadline didn't feel like a win 
  • What steps internal and external stakeholders took to prevent a repeat and "future-proof" the solution