Direct Sourcing 2.0 (Ardent Partners)

March 7, 2022

Talent’s role in driving enterprise success continues to grow. And the stakes for finding and engaging the right talent have never been higher.

According to Ardent Partners:

“Direct sourcing has become the hottest topic in the world of talent and work.”

In this 26-page report, Ardent Partners describes how the next generation of direct sourcing will help organizations develop a pipeline of top-tier talent without depending on staffing suppliers or intermediaries.

Download this report to:

  •  Read how the core elements of Direct Sourcing will be transformed in Direct Sourcing 2.0
  • Learn why 55% of businesses running direct sourcing programs today use talent pools to reduce talent acquisition costs and structure a “truly dynamic workforce”
  • Understand how “Direct Sourcing 2.0 will emerge as the top talent strategy for the modern enterprise

Direct Sourcing started as a supplementary way to find talent and reduce the cost of contingent labor.

More recently, it has become a primary channel for acquiring top-tier non-employee talent.

Now the transformation of talent and work translates into the need for businesses to derive more from their Direct Sourcing initiatives. With more focus than ever on the candidate experience, hiring manager optimization, and skillset depth and alignment, the stakes for Direct Sourcing keep rising.

Ardent Partners describes the path to Direct Sourcing 2.0 and the processes and technologies smart companies will use to implement this vital talent acquisition toolkit.

“Businesses that harness the power of direct sourcing and talent pools have the ability to develop an agile workforce which can be the key differentiator needed to advance and grow.”

For details, download this industry report today.

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