Contingent Programs: Direct Sourcing & Global Compliance

January 10, 2020

With the composition of today’s contingent workforce becoming increasingly focused on Direct Sourcing Channels and management of internal or external talent clouds, new rules apply to the engagement and management of talent. Contingent talent, when mismanaged and miss-classified, presents a real risk to organizations.

This webinar highlighted how innovative organizations from the US and globally are embracing the future of work and have integrated their contingent workforce strategy to include all forms of Direct Sourcing and Talent Cloud seamlessly through innovative technology while ensuring compliance. The outcomes gained by these companies have improved the quality of talent and efficiency of process while reducing significant costs and risks.


  • John Smith, Managing Director, CXC Americas
  • Connor Heaney, Managing Director, CXC EMEA
  • Chuck Young, Partnership Manager - Talent Pools, Beeline

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