How Technology Can Help You Compete for Non-Employee Talent – And Win!

September 28, 2022

Europe is experiencing a labour and skills shortage greater than ever before. Demand for talent, as measured by job vacancy rates, is unprecedented, and contingent workers – non-employees who can fill these skill gaps – are increasingly in demand.

Join our webinar to learn about technologies that are helping businesses:

  • Open new talent sourcing channels
  • Accelerate labour engagement cycle time
  • Evaluate contingent workers and contractors faster, and more accurately
  • Go beyond rates and skillsets to fill other unmet needs, including contingent workforce diversity

In this session you will learn how to find and manage the non-employee talent your company needs to succeed.


Andrew Daley, leader of the Digital Procurement & Supply Chain practice at Edbury Daley

Alastair Dobson, Senior Client Relationship Manager, Beeline

Moderator: Anna Bjärkerud – EBG Network

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