Fact Sheet

Sourcing talent directly from your VMS

October 15, 2015

Over the past 15 years, services, solutions, and technologies have been introduced to protect you from paying too much for talent, paying penalties for misclassifying workers, and allowing unauthorized access to buildings, systems and data. What technology has not offered are new options for acquiring skilled talent. The standard VMS model enables you to solicit talent through a staffing supplier and yet the traditional VMS does not enable you to take advantage of new lower-cost talent sourcing methods. Now there is an easy way to:

  • Expand your limited talent supply
  • Cut your staffing costs by 10-35%
  • Reduce the risks caused by “untraceable” independent contractors
Find out how.
  • Learn how to source properly classified, vetted talent directly from your VMS
  • Read how direct sourcing can help you fill positions quicker and more safely
  • Understand how direct sourcing can be fully compliant when accomplished through your VMS

You can save time and reduce costs by sourcing talent directly through your VMS.  Take full advantage of this new opportunity. Download this free data sheet to learn how.

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