The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2016-2017: Adapting to a New World of Work (Ardent Partners)

October 25, 2016

Across the world, traditional notions of labor, work, and talent are being altered. The very concept of “contingent labor” does not mean what it used to mean. If 2015 was the tipping point for growth and evolution, 2016 is the year when the “gig economy” propelled it to new heights.

  • Read how the “future of work” is impacting contingent workforce planning
  • Understand the ramifications of Ardent’s Contingent Workforce Management Framework on operations
  • Learn what characteristics and strategies distinguish best-in-class performers

This report, based on an industry-wide survey of business professionals, details market trends that are shaping the non-employee workforce, particularly the evolution of on-demand talent engagement, the “gig economy,” and how today’s businesses are adapting to a “new world of work.”

Written by Ardent Partners and sponsored by Beeline, includes recommended strategies for CWM leaders and discusses the future of this industry based on advances in technology, intelligence, and innovation.

A new world of work is here, founded on game-changing innovations in talent engagement and fueled by the evolution of business culture and the gig economy. This brave new world will forever alter how businesses and professional perceive the very concept of “work.”

In order to thrive in the months and years ahead, enterprises must embrace the evolution of talent, and the technology to source and manage it.

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