Fact Sheet

Terminology of the Extended Workforce

August 19, 2014

For more and more companies today, their total workforce is made up of a variety of workers including those known as flexible workers. A key part of understanding the flexible workforce is gaining a fundamental knowledge of the industry lexicon. There are many industry-specific terms, and more often, acronyms for these industry terms used when discussing this non-employee workforce as well as the management of these resources. Download your complimentary whitepaper to gain a better of understanding of the terms surrounding the flexible workforce.

  • Know the terms used when discussing the non-employee workforce and the management of these resources
  • Learn the definitions of these terms and acronyms as defined by industry analysts and experts
  • Expand your understanding of industry terminology or simply benchmark your current usage of terms

Confusion over terminology can be the norm, leading to communication problems for all parties involved, including executives, program managers, technology partners, and suppliers. Frequently, this stems from regional differences, as some terms are used differently across countries, while others are debatable from organization to organization.

In an effort to bring some clarity and consistency to conversations you might be having about today’s flexible workforce, we have sought to define some of the most common terms currently used by thought leaders and experts in the flexible workforce. Use this primer to expand your understanding or simply benchmark your current usage of terms.

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