The Future of Work Exchange Report for 2021 - Ardent Partners

September 21, 2021

The “state” of talent and work in 2021 is very different than it was a mere 18 months ago. Far beyond the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, societal changes, the evolution of workers’ mindsets, and shifts in talent acquisition have created a new future based on agility, flexibility, and the transformation of modern business.

In this 36-page report, Ardent Partners describes the tools, strategies, and approaches that will ultimately drive the optimization of how work is done. 

Download this report to:

  • Read about the shifts taking place in workforce management due to market forces, societal change, the global health crisis, and new advances in technology
  • Learn what best-in-class programs are doing, their core competencies, the technologies they use, and the strategies and tactics that put them ahead of their peers
  • Understand how talent management, technology, and business leadership will position the best contingent workforce programs to optimize their workforce for success.

The Future of Work is here. And now.

The very fabric of work-life has been forever transformed. The past 18 months have forced businesses across the world to reimagine core mechanics and operations. They are rethinking how talent is engaged and acquired. They are transforming how their leadership interacts with the workforce. And they are implementing new and innovative solutions.

This report provides recommendations for companies to cultivate an effective talent ecosystem that contributes to overall workforce agility and provides the tools to respond successfully to market challenges and opportunities.

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