The Future of Work: Ardent Partners highlights 2022 market trends

December 21, 2021

Businesses learned a harsh lesson in 2020: those that could not adapt to the major shifts in work optimization were the ones that could not survive months of extreme disruption. As 2021 careens towards its end, another new year is on the horizon, and businesses must prepare for perhaps the most critical period of their history given the direction of the economy and the labor market. The shift towards “flexibility as the Future of Work” means that enterprises must execute in a more dynamic manner.

Fresh off the heels of its landmark Future of Work Exchange Report for 2021, join Ardent Partners’ SVP of Research, Christopher J. Dwyer, as he highlights the major market trends that are driving businesses to focus on the evolution of talent, technology, and business transformation.

The two will discuss:

  • The emerging workforce trends that will play pivotal roles in 2022.
  • The importance of direct sourcing and talent pools as table stakes for talent acquisition.
  • How the extended workforce will continue to drive scalability.
  • The critical impact of empathy, flexibility, and new leadership strategies, and;
  • How businesses should structure their 2022 workforce planning based on today’s evolving times.

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