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Revise old contingent workforce approach: The new imperative

January 25, 2016

Andrew Karpie at Spend Matters believes there is a real imperative for businesses to expand their current contingent workforce procurement programs to source and engage alternative non-employee talent populations. He believes the current focus on the contingent workforce through staffing and SOW suppliers is becoming too narrow and businesses—and their procurement organizations—need to adopt a broader perspective. In this report, he discusses how this requires an expansion of programs that go beyond the procurement of supplier-delivered workers to engage a broader spectrum of talent in new, more direct ways.

  • Learn why businesses are facing a widening gap between the talent/skills they need and the traditional sources available
  • Discover the range of talent populations that are not addressed by most contingent workforce procurement programs
  • Read the implications of engaging with the increasing number of millennials entering the workforce
  • Learn what contingent workforce managers must be prepared to do to capitalize on emerging talent populations

In this paper, Karpie provides an example of how one major airline already began the shift from supply chain management to talent engagement. He tells the story of how this company’s new approach led to greater talent reach and more effective engagement of directly sourced, alternative talent populations. He also discusses how direct sourcing will require new technology solutions.

In the human capital domain, businesses are extending new digital value chains directly to independent talent, giving businesses access to a broader range of talent populations.

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