Direct Sourcing & Talent Pools

Search for, negotiate with, and engage directly with non-employee talent.


Forward-looking companies are leveraging both traditional staffing suppliers and a newer sourcing model, Direct Sourcing, to select and engage the right talent, at the right time, at the right price.

Direct Sourcing is the action of finding and engaging talent for contract positions, not through traditional staffing suppliers, but through direct access from your Vendor Management System (VMS) to internal and external talent pools.

Our proactive approach is unique because we continuously search for and engage with skilled professionals who are good matches for your organization; long before a contract job opportunity is ever opened.

Industry analysts recognize the value of direct sourcing

“More and more businesses are striving to own a direct relationship with its talent to not only reduce the time to fill open roles and project positions, but to also enhance control over the ‘match’ between non-employee workers and the requirements of various enterprise initiatives.”

Christopher Dwyer, Ardent Partners

Acquire better talent faster, at a lower cost

Beeline Direct Sourcing provides your organization with direct access to expanded pools of qualified talent all from within your existing VMS, quickly and easily. Our technology seamlessly integrates private and public talent pools into the sourcing process, from requisition through settlement, with full compliance and data security, without disrupting your existing workflows. Additionally, with Beeline Direct Sourcing, you’re able to:



Lower supplier markups by an average of 50 percent
Lower the cost of talent by 10 to 20 percent or more
Reduce time to fill by an average of 4 days
Expand your access to high-quality talent

Beeline’s Talent Cloud Ecosystem

Direct Sourcing with Private and Public Talent Pools

Beeline works with you to determine the right mix of sourcing channels based on your needs and ensure that you have the tools you need to hire and retain the best talent in today’s contingent labor market.

A natural first step is to include a private talent pool as part of your direct sourcing strategy. Private talent pools allow you to leverage your brand equity in attracting, curating, and engaging top talent through a wide variety of sources. Beeline’s recommended private talent pool solution is TalentNet®. TalentNet is an industry-leading private talent pool technology and the premier choice for our clients. In addition to private talent pools, many organizations are also getting valuable talent from public talent channels.

Our talent partner ecosystem offers a wide, deep, global pool of talent with specialized skills and highly relevant experience. Through Beeline Direct Sourcing, you have access to this talent without having to contract with each talent provider individually. Our ecosystem is constantly growing and currently includes leading talent providers.


One Solution to Solve Three Problems

Beeline Direct Sourcing is the industry’s first fully-integrated solution for directly sourcing contingent talent—solving three widespread problems in the market today: 

A shortage of high-quality available talent due to decreasing unemployment rates
Escalating cost of contingent staff due to rising pay rates and supplier markups
Lengthening time to find talent with the right skills, availability, and cultural fit

With Direct Sourcing, your VMS does much more than “Vendor Management”

In the traditional contingent staffing process, organizations submit requisitions and wait for staffing vendors to recruit, vet, and recommend talent that matches, as closely as possible, the requirements in each requisition. This reactive, multi-step process often results in it taking a long time to fill critical positions, especially in an increasingly competitive labor market.

With Beeline Direct Sourcing, requisitions are immediately compared against candidates in the client’s private talent pool or in our ecosystem of approved talent partners and results are instantly displayed in Beeline. As a result, clients have access to a dramatically larger talent pool without adding staffing suppliers, talent acquisition costs are substantially reduced, and the time to fill open positions is shortened by 20 percent or more.

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