Resource Tracking

Can you track and report on every contingent worker at every site around the globe? More than half of enterprises can’t. This problem can expose you to excessive spend, compliance risk, and more. Reduce risk and add value to your organization by incorporating often-overlooked service workers and other categories of non-employee labor.

Seamlessly track your non-employee resources that fall into special categories: former executives on a retainer, workers in countries with program adoption challenges, business units that resist changes insourcing, service workers (e.g., janitors, landscapers, security guards, etc.), and other unique cases.

Track all non-employees, including those that are not engaged through your centralized soucing process

  • Know all workers and their suppliers with access to your data, systems, and buildings
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies by automating onboarding and offboarding processes for every labor type
  • Expose and mitigate tenure and other policy risks related to previously untracked resources
  • Facilitates faster, more efficient talent sourcing and management
  • Establish a consistent process for identifying and reporting on all non-employee resources
  • Validate non-employees regularly to ensure they are not maintaining badge and/or system access longer than necessary
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