Contingent Staffing

Automating the sourcing and management of contingent workers is the most common starting point for building a contingent workforce program. Beeline’s time-tested Contingent Staffing solution will give your program a strong foundation and allows you to fulfill your contingent labor needs now and in the future.

A comprehensive solution for automating the management of your contingent workforce

  • Generate cost savings by enabling supplier competition and market rates
  • Simplify the most complex tax rules and legislative regulations
  • Reduce risk by enforcing organizational policies and supplier compliance
  • Increase user adoption by providing a simple user experience
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by integrating with security, AP, and HRIS systems
  • Automated processes including workflow approvals, tenure, and invoicing
  • Eliminate rogue and maverick spend
Managing contingent staffing on a laptop
Beeline a three-time “Leader” in Everest Group Vendor Management System Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment with Technology Vendor Landscape based on its deep external workforce functionality, tested global footprint, and its continuously increasing value offered through its platform and ecosystem.