Beeline Direct Sourcing

April 21, 2020

Beeline Direct Sourcing provides you with direct access to expanded pools of qualified talent all from within your existing VMS.

In the traditional contingent staffing process, organizations submit requisitions and wait for staffing vendors to recruit, vet, and recommend talent that matches, as closely as possible, the requirements in each requisition. This reactive, multi-step process often results in it taking a long time to fill critical positions, especially in an increasingly competitive labor market.

With Beeline Direct Sourcing, you get access to the best talent from all over the world. Our technology seamlessly integrates private and public talent pools into the sourcing process with full compliance and data security. As a result, clients have access to a dramatically larger talent pool without adding staffing suppliers, talent acquisition costs are substantially reduced, and the time to fill open positions is shortened by 20 percent or more.