CPO Open Mic Season 1 Recap with Mike Schiappa

December 17, 2021

Highlights of an amazing first season, 2021

In this fifth session of “CPO Open Mic,” Mike Schiappa, chief procurement officer at Beeline, revisits the previous episodes of his podcast, featuring four distinguished guests:

  • Elouise Epstein, author, and futurist for Kearney consulting
  • Nina Vaca, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group
  • Joseph Martinez, eminent global procurement executive
  • Al Williams, CPO of Cognizant

In this episode, Mike replays highlights from the four previous podcasts, featuring discussions of the strategic and technological transformation of Procurement, the importance of entrepreneurial leadership, and how to attract talent into your Procurement organization.

Topics Include:

  • Procurement’s increasingly vital role in business success
  • How digital technology is shaping Procurement strategy
  • Why CPOs need to become CIOs of Procurement
  • How the best Procurement organizations have evolved from transactional to operational, and from operational to strategic
  • Why people, processes, and technology are all important, but the starting point should be “processes”
  • How to build a Procurement organization that attracts the right kind of talent