Key Attributes for Effective Leaders with Casey Jacox

July 28, 2022

Too often I’ve seen a leader’s or salesperson’s ego get in the way of making the right decision.


In this episode of CPO Open Mic, Mike Schiappa, Chief Procurement Officer at Beeline, talks with Casey Jacox, Sales & Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, and Author of the book, “Win the Relationship, not the Deal.” 

In the podcast, Casey shares his insights as to how three attributes - curiosity, humility, and vulnerability - create more effective leaders and generate more profitable relationships. In the 30-minute episode, he outlines six common sense strategies to succeed in life and in business. 

He and Mike also discuss how Casey's background in staffing influenced his consulting career and what his experience as a college quarterback taught him about the relationship of practice and preparation to success.

Topics Include:
  • Why it is more important to win every relationship than to win every deal.
  • How listening is different from hearing.
  • Why you can be right or you can get what you want, but you can’t have both.