The Talent Revolution: Solving the Skills Shortage with Chris Dwyer

April 27, 2022

"To find the talent they need, businesses must prioritize both the candidate experience and the hiring manager experience."

In this episode of “CPO Open Mic,” Mike Schiappa, Chief Procurement Officer at Beeline, talks with Christopher Dwyer, Senior Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners and managing director of the Future of Work Exchange.

In the podcast, Chris shares his insights on the “Great Resignation” and explores the “talent revolution” that may be one of its causal factors. He and Mike also analyze the growth of the extended workforce and make some predictions.

Topics Include:
  • Which of Procurement’s and HR’s different strengths are most essential to solve today’s skills shortage
  • Why so many companies are adopting direct sourcing and building their own talent communities
  • How companies who focus on business outcomes are taking professional services procurement to the next level