Case study

Global Bank Expands Contingent Staffing Management in Asia

October 21, 2014

Recognizing the value of a VMS for managing their U.S. contingent workforce, this global financial services leader wanted to extend that capability to their growing operations in Asia. They turned to Beeline.

  • Tracks and manages contingent workers easily and effectively
  • Provides global consistency, while allowing for local work rules and regulations
  • Lets you see who has access to your facilities and data
  • Provides advanced analytic tools to help you ensure best value and make better business decisions

This client recognized the need for greater visibility into its contingent workforces in the Asian financial centers of Singapore and Hong Kong as well as a need for more consistent processes for managing these resources. Having operated a Beeline in the U.S., they asked us to implement a similar system for these two key Asian centers.

Using our reports and analytic tools, the client obtained a more impartial view of supplier performance, for an anticipated savings of nearly 1,000 Euros per contingent worker in the upcoming fiscal year. In addition to delivering greater visibility, the VMS delivers more accurate data, and its proprietary SmartView® analytics provide more ways to analyze that data to help the client make better business decisions.

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