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How a biopharmaceutical leader achieves 100% workforce visibility with Global Workforce Intelligence

June 13, 2023

We now have Global Workforce Intelligence deployed across all countries where we are going after misclassification savings opportunities
— Global Talent Acquisition Director & Total Talent Leader
In addition to approximately 85,000 employees worldwide, the company depends on an extensive external workforce to transform the future of healthcare.

Most of these non-employee workers were not managed via the company’s vendor management system (VMS). For the visibility of all their workers, they needed Global Workforce Intelligence.

Download this customer success story to:
  • Read how Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) showed them their entire workforce – all employees and non-employees
  • Learn how GWI reduced onboarding time for non-employee workers by 68%
  • Understand how GWI helps prevent misclassification of workers, optimizing cost and reducing compliance risk

Beeline’s Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) solution gives this biopharmaceutical giant real-time visibility of all their workers by geographic location, organization structure, and labor category.

For the first time, they have the total talent information they need to do informed strategic workforce planning. 

You can, too. To find out how download this complementary client success story today.

For a first-hand account of how this Beeline client achieved total workforce visibility, watch this webinar.



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