Case Study

Global Non-Employee Resource Tracking

September 1, 2014

When our client, a global leader in IT outsourcing with operations in more than 90 countries, hired a consulting firm to analyze where its non-employee workers were within the organization, they learned that their non-employee workforce was being managed in disparate ways around the world, creating compliance risks and much higher than expected labor costs. To mitigate these risks and reduce their labor costs, they turned to their technology partner, Beeline. For more details, download our Success Story.

  • Learn how Resource Tracking delivers valuable data—without changing your sourcing process
  • Know who has access to your facilities and data at all times
  • Gain visibility into your entire non-employee workforce
  • Use advanced reports and analytic tools to make better business decisions

We recommended Resource Tracking, a cost-effective way for a global organization to capture data related to its non-employee workforce without affecting its current sourcing processes. We implemented Resource Tracking in 30 countries within 90 days, giving our client visibility into its entire global non-employee headcount while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

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