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ROI calculator for Services Procurement

Bolster your Services Procurement business case with Beeline’s 6-Point SOW Efficiency Calculator. Savings from process efficiency improvements can be a key ROI driver for implementing Services Procurement in your contingent workforce program.

Calculate potential savings from removing waste from your process. Share your results with your team. Then continue your business case development with Beeline’s ROI Calculator to see how much value Services Procurement can deliver for your company.

Some companies do a good job of managing their temporary workers. Unfortunately, those workers may account for less than half of a company’s non-employee workforce.

According to Ardent Partners’ 2018 report, “The State of SOW Management,” 68% (or more) of non-employee labor is not “actively accounted for in corporate budgeting, planning, or forecasting.”

The reason for this dramatic shortfall is that many companies fail to centrally or systematically manage their largest source of contingent labor—the contractors whose activities are performed under statement of work (SOW) based contracts.

As a result, these companies frequently pay their SOW-based service suppliers more than contract terms require. And too often, overpayments are the tip of the iceberg. Low performance quality, security and compliance risks, missed savings opportunities, and other problems are likely to occur.


VMS to the Rescue

Today’s extended workforce includes more than just contingent staffing. It also includes a multitude of service categories operating under a variety of complex contractual relationships. The complex processes and varied ownership of project-based services can create chaos in an organization.

Fortunately, our Vendor Management System (VMS) is designed to manage more than your contingent staffing suppliers. From sourcing to invoicing, Beeline gives you all the tools to reduce your administrative burden, improve service quality, lower costs, and minimize risks for all of your stakeholders. Our Services Procurement solution aligns with your organizational processes—so you can more effectively source, negotiate, engage, and manage all kinds of project-based initiatives.

Services Procurement will help you:

Improve control through simple, efficient templates and workflows

Reduce risk and enforce compliance
by drafting SOWs on the buyer’s terms

Get all project activity and financial details in a single view

Enable quicker decision-making based on real-time project measurements and data

Ensure quality and cost-effective project deliverables through competitive sourcing

Know all consultants working across multiple projects, globally

Use objective supplier metrics to benchmark and rationalize your services supply chain

Know all consultants working across multiple projects, globally-who they are, where they are, what they are doing, and what facilities, networks, data, and intellectual property they have access to

Features and Benefits

As you expand the management and control of your non-employee workforce, our Services Procurement solution offers scalable functionality to support your project-based initiatives. With its centralized view of all stages—from negotiation and sourcing, through engagement management to invoice and payment—our Services Procurement solution gives you the right tools and insight to manage the following processes:

Competitive Bidding

Beeline’s competitive bid solution provides necessary visibility and enables collaboration throughout all three phases of the competitive bid process from requirements definition and bid solicitation to evaluation and award. This self-contained process:
  • Simplifies and standardizes bid solicitation and evaluation
  • Ensures transparency and impartiality
  • Enforces compliance with deadlines, financials submission, and scoring criteria

Statement of Work Creation and Negotiation

Beeline provides powerful collaboration capability to create and negotiate SOW terms with system alerts, activity streams, and versioning throughout all phases of an SOW negotiation. Beeline’s powerful terms library and template functionality enable your buyers to use contract language that reflects your company policies and standards, rather than a vendor’s. This can mitigate compliance risks and protect you from a range of potential problems including scope creep, delays, and price increases.

Project Tracking

Project tracking allows for easy monitoring and management of all service engagements, including independent contractors (ICs). Avoid missed deliverables, manage and pay milestones, view time worked, and even track the time individual workers spend on each specific project. 

Billing and Payment

Accelerate and improve accuracy of billing and payment by automating your business rules and practices, and by collecting invoice data for milestones, time, and expenses.

Reporting and Analytics

Make informed business decisions to improve quality and process efficiency. Also reduce costs, and manage compliance risks with comprehensive, easy-to-use analytic and business intelligence tools. When your executives responsible for statement of work (SOW) project management engagements have complete visibility into engagement details, it’s easy to control SOW operational flow and develop smarter sourcing strategies.

Lifecycle Support, No Matter Where You Start

Not all SOW-based services are created the same way. Some begin with one or more rounds of competitive bidding. Others are based on single-source negotiations conducted either within or outside the VMS. A well- designed Services Procurement solution should give organizations the same level of visibility, tracking, reporting, and analysis capability regardless of the starting point within the procurement lifecycle.

Beeline’s Services Procurement solution includes scalable functionality to support your project-based initiatives. From sourcing and negotiation to engagement management, invoicing, payment, and evaluation, you have a centralized view of the entire process.

SOW Image
SOW Images

Automatic Transitions from Bid to SOW to Project

A key feature of Beeline’s Services Procurement solution is the ability to transition data simply and easily from
competitive bid process to the SOW creation and negotiation process, and from SOW approval to project management.

This provides real-time change order management, which ensures that amendments are tracked and reported, providing
visibility into processes that could otherwise erode cost savings obtained through SOW negotiations.

Beeline’s Services Procurement solution automates manual processes, streamlines workflows, and reduces cycle times.
managing services procurement from sourcing through invoicing, Beeline lets managers focus on their project,
not on
the process, minimizing delays and reducing costs.

SOW Images