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Revolutionizing how the global extended workforce is procured and managed.

Beeline Achieves Top Marks Overall in Staffing Industry Analysts VMS Market Developments Part 3

SIA report highlights “demonstrated differentiation” among VMS providers based on maturity and sophistication of product functionality and delivery process.

UK-based Nationwide Building Society selects Beeline Vendor Management System

Beeline will provide a complete VMS technology solution for non-employees, working in conjunction with the newly formed Workforce Supply Management team

Supplier & Buyer Networking

Credible connects buyers and sellers of staffing resources. Become part of this networking environment.

Vendor Management System


    Cost Savings

    Eliminate rogue spending. Consolidate suppliers. Benchmark rates.



    Use advanced analytics to reveal where your organization spends its money.


    Operational Efficiency

    Automate procurement cycles. Reduce time to fill positions.

Vendor Management System

Self-Sourcing & Talent Pools

Self-Sourcing & Talent Pools

  • The Right Talent

    Select and engage the right talent, at the right time, at the right price.

  • Cost Savings

    Lower the cost of acquiring talent by 10 to 35 percent or more.


    Increased Efficiency

    Reduce time to fill by 50 percent or more.

How to Develop a Best-in-Class Program

Follow these 6 easy steps to ensure your contingent workforce program delivers all the value it can to your organization.

Innovating to Future-Proof Your Workforce

Learn why Staffing Industry Analysts Rated Beeline #1 for Innovation

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Behind the Future of Work Compendium and the Drive for Work Optimization

The Future of Work, for many organizations, can be a mythical and nebulous set of business standards that can be too confounding to truly grasp, yet, at its core, the main goal is simplistic enough: that all businesses should buy into the transformation of work, talent, and technology.

Shiny Objects

Who among us has never been tempted by the allure of something new and cool? It’s fun to be considered cutting edge- to be on the cusp of evolution.

We’re Ready for GDPR - Is Your Program?

There’s a new acronym – this time with four letters, that you, your program, and your company need to be aware of. That acronym, of course, is GDPR. GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” and is a new law in the EU (European Union) that goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

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