Contingent Staffing

Acquire the top-tier talent you need to compete and succeed in an on-demand world.

For most organizations, human capital constitutes the largest single cost of doing business. And with today’s skills shortages, top-tier talent is increasingly hard to hire and retain. That’s why more and more companies every day are utilizing a mix of employees and contingent workers to meet their global business needs. A well-managed extended workforce that combines internal and external resources can:

  • Reduce your company’s fixed costs
  • Offer specialized skillsets for various periods of time
  • Be onboarded faster than employees
  • And more

Automating the sourcing and management of contingent workers, both professional and temporary staff, is the most common starting point for creating an effective contingent workforce program. Select a contingent staffing solution that works for you. Whether you outsource your program to one or more managed services providers (MSPs), use a master vendor, manage the program internally, or use a hybrid model, Beeline can easily configure the right technology, processes, and policies for your organization.

Benefits of an Automated Vendor Management System (VMS)

With Beeline, you have a comprehensive solution for automating your contingent staffing of both temporary labor and professional services—giving you a true competitive advantage.

Using an industry-leading VMS, you are able to:
  • Streamline processes, improving the efficiency of the service you provide to your internal business unit customers
  • Generate cost savings by enabling supplier competition and ensuring compliance with negotiated rates
  • Simplify and automate compliance with complex tax rules, laws, and regulations
  • Reduce risk and improve consistency through the enforcement of organizational policies and supplier compliance
  • Increase user adoption by providing a simple, intuitive user experience
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by integrating with enterprise systems, including security, AP, and HRIS
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Talent Sourcing and Procurement

By sourcing contingent staff through our VMS, you get access to a more competitive market for non-employee talent with greater visibility and measurability. Through vendor-neutral sourcing, approved suppliers receive job requisitions based on rules predefined by you. They respond with potential candidates who, in turn, follow your qualification processes. Beeline automatically facilitates this competitive model, which results in faster time-to-fill, higher quality candidates, more competitive pricing, and improved supplier performance.

Rate, Time, and Expense Management

We help you automate your timesheet and expense report submissions and approval processes, including email and mobile capabilities. Our system has the flexibility to manage various rate types (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and can handle international as well as domestic requirements.

Billing and Payment

We understand the complex nature of a global workforce and enable our system to adapt to regional and local complexities. We handle local and regional invoicing requirements, including the proper handling of VAT taxes and providing VAT-compliant printable documents to support legal entity to legal entity billing. We also automate the pay-to-bill model and support pay variables, including coefficients, markups, and surcharges, as well as supporting cross-border tax-exempt suppliers.

Reporting and Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting and analytic tools provide unparalleled visibility into your organization’s contingent staffing data. We offer reporting options that can empower your company by providing valuable metrics, key indicators, and accurate information necessary to manage day-to-day activities within your program effectively and efficiently.

Our interactive, visual, predictive analytics help identify trends in your data and empower you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on these insights. Overall, our contingent staffing solution can help you:

Source quality talent quickly

Accelerate onboarding

Improve cycle times

Reduce costs

Mitigate risk

Optimize supplier performance

Improve overall contingent workforce quality

Scale your program to meet growing demands for contingent workers

A Next-Generation VMS

Today, virtually every leading company (e.g., FORTUNE 500, Global 1000) uses non-employee workers to augment their labor force. In today’s on-demand economy, companies recognize the strategic advantages of an extended workforce and embrace the opportunities that today’s new real-time talent engagement strategies can deliver.

To support the pace and complexity of on-demand talent, organizations rely on powerful non-employee workforce management solutions, not only for their ability to automate tedious processes and increase efficiency, but for their capability to provide workforce visibility and turn massive amounts of data into the knowledge and insight required to make strategic business decisions.

While Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) reports that cost savings is the number one objective of contingent workforce management, executives are looking for more strategic value from their VMS. Among their expectations are the ability to:

  • Manage a variety of talent engagement strategies
  • Harness workforce intelligence to provide strategic insight
  • Perform prescriptive analyses using “what-if” scenarios
  • Optimize the entire workforce for maximum productivity

Advancements in new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), data science, mobility, and integration with new talent ecosystems, make it possible for companies like Beeline, with deep, broad experience in contingent workforce management, to deliver solutions that meet these needs.

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