Contingent Workforce Solutions

August 12, 2015

Free Data Sheet: Cost savings, reduced risk, and better quality candidates: Our contingency workforce platform offers this and more.

Automate the process of sourcing and managing your contingency workforce with solutions designed to fit your needs today and tomorrow.

Get a true advantage with a full spectrum of services that automate all categories of your flexible workforce. Beeline's contingency workforce solution has everything you need:

  • Access to a more competitive market with higher quality candidates, lower time-to-fill ratios, and overall improved supplier performance.
  • Enforced compliance and reduced risk by writing SOWs on your terms
  • Greater flexibility to manage your timesheet and expense report submission and approval process
  • Automated billing and payment that adjusts to regional and local complexities
  • Unparalleled visibility into your contingent staff data with diverse reporting options and interactive visual analytics

Get the contingency workforce solution that can be configured to your organization's processes, workflows, rules and policies. Find out how you can streamline processes to save time and money, simplify billing, reduce risk and errors, and improve the service you provide to your business. Download our data sheet to learn more about managing all of your non-employees in a single solution.