Success story

European Bank Adopts VMS With Global Standards, Local Flexibility

December 16, 2014

This 150-year-old European-based banking and financial services institution implemented a Vendor Management System (VMS) initially to manage contingent staffing in the U.S., but soon wanted to expand their system globally. They needed to be sure that their VMS could work with different MSP partners in each country and achieve global alignment for consistent visibility and spend control while respecting local country differences and business requirements. They turned to Beeline.

  • Learn how our VMS meets local statutory requirements and invoice processes for each country.
  • Read how we considered local regulations while providing global reporting and analytics.
  • Understand how we implemented a full procure-to-pay process in the U.S., Switzerland, and U.K.

Using Beeline, the client exceeded the initial goal of implementing an effective, user-friendly technology that helped reduce costs, optimize productivity, and reduce compliance risks. Best of all, the client achieved ROI that paid for the system within just a few months.

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