Case study

Health Care Services Provider Upgrades Contingent Staffing

January 29, 2015

The oldest and largest health care services company in America helps health care organizations address their pressing challenges. But when it came to managing contingent staffing, they had challenges of their own. So they turned to Beeline.

  • Learn how they saved 20 percent annually in extended workforce costs
  • Read how they reduced cycle times while improving supplier quality metrics
  • See how we provide automated tracking and consolidated invoice processing for a 10,000+ extended workforce

A third-party consulting team audited and evaluated their program.  This review concluded that the client’s preferred vendor program was so effective that, in future, all of the organization’s contingent labor and Statement-of-Work (SOW)-based professional services must be managed through the VMS for security, audit, visibility, and cost savings.  This will add $300 million in extended workforce spend to the program now under centralized management.

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